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Check out the dates in which Y'Chessa Dahli, individual members of the troupe and/or Nabeela El Shalimar are performing:

January 2011

Jan 26 (Saturday) 8:30pm @ Masala Bar and Grill [19409 Bothell-Everett Hwy, Bothell, WA]

    Phaedra Nicholle performs at Masala Bar and Grill with special guest dancer, Saqra, and live music by George Sadak and friends.

February 2011

NA - Festival Sundiata (Seattle Center)

Feb 5 (Saturday) 6:30-9pm @ Saqra's Monthly Review [Jimmy T's: 23803 104th Ave SE, Kent, WA]

    Phaedra Nicholle to perform at Saqra's Monthly Review, featuring many local dancers and live music by Mediterrean Raqs Band. Cover charge is $5.

Feb 25 (Friday) 7-9pm @ University Family YMCA [University District, Seattle, WA]

    Y'Chessa Dahli, with many other local artists to perform at the 6th annual YMCA Benefit - Belly Dance Showcase to support the Partners-With-Youth campaign. There will be live music silent auctions, bake sales, and more. Suggested donation is $10 per person or $20 per family.

March 2011

Mar 6 (Sunday) @ Moon Over Rakkasah (Berkeley, CA)

Mar 7-13 @ 31st Annual Rakkasah (Richmond, CA)

    Is the West coast and International Belly Dance festival, which has workshops, vending, and shows. And is attended by many dancers around the world.
    • Nabeela el Shalimar will teaching a workshop at the Pre-Rakkasah event (Moon Over Rakkasah) on Tush Articulation. This is adding the zing into your pelvic moves, and using timing and body positioning to explore naunce, power, variety, and creativity as you articulate the tush.
    Go to www.rakkasah.com for more information, including a complete list of dancers for this 3 day festival.

April 2011

Apr 16 (Saturday) @ YD 10th Anniersary Celebration Hafla (Russian Cultural Center)

    Please join Y'Chessa Dahli (Middle Eastern Dance Ensemble) as we celebrate 10 years together! We're hosting workshops by Mirabai (Fan Dance) and Nabeela el Shalimar (Tush Articulation). There will also be vending and an evening show. Go to the Y'Chessa Dahli Events (http://www.ychessa-dahli.com/Events.html) page for more details.

May 2011

TBD - Events in work.

June 2011

June 25-25 (Saturady-Sunday) @ Bellevue Strawberry Festival

    Y'Chessa Dahli will perform at the annual Eastside Heritage Center's Strawberry Festival in Bellevue, WA (at Crossroads Park). Show to begin at 2:15-2:45pm. For information on the festival, please go to www.bellevuestrawberryfestival.org.

July 2011

July 16-17 (Saturday-Sunday) - Mediterranean Fantasy Festival

    Y'Chessa Dahli and individual troupe members will perform at the largest outdoor Middle Eastern Dance festival in the Pacific NW, the Mediterrean Fantasy Festival (MedFest) sponsered by the Babylonian Ensemble. Two days of dancing on 2 stages!

    Please go to http://www.babylonianensemble.com/ for the complete lineup and driving directions to the site.

August 2011

TBD - events in work

September 2011

TBD - events in work

October 2011

TBD - events in work

November 2011

None - to date.

December 2011

None - to date.

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