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Check out the dates in which Y'Chessa Dahli, individual members of the troupe and/or Nabeela El Shalimar are performing:

January 2009

None - to date.

February 2009

February 15 (Sunday) Festival Sundiata (Seattle Center)

    Y'Chessa Dahli will perform at the annual Festival Sundiata African American Celebration. This year, we will perform at 2pm in Seattle Center House. For other activies for this festival, please go to http://www.festivalsundiata.org/.

March 2009

March 7 (Saturday) 4-7pm in the Tri Cities, WA - 10th Annual Hafla & Student Performance

March 13-15, 2009 @ Rakkasah (CA)

    Members of Y'Chessa Dahli will attend and perform at the annual bellydance festival Rakkasah. This festival is attended by many dancers around the world, and has recently moved to the Solano County Fairgrounds in Vallejo, CA.
    • Nabeela el Shalimar will perform Friday, March 13th at 9:48 pm
    • Connie will perform Sunday, March 15th at 11:32 am
    • Jaree Dahia will perform Sunday, March 15th at 6:24 pm
    Go to www.rakkasah.com for more information, including a complete list of dancers for this 3 day festival.

April 2009

None - to date.

May 2009

May 30 (Saturday) @ 5:30pm - ICHS Annual Celebration benefit

    Y’Chessa Dahli is providing ambiance for the International Communicty Health Services (ICHS) Annual Celebration benefit on Saturday 5:30pm at the Westin Seattle Hotel). ICHS is a benefit held each year, which supports culturally and linguistically appropriate health services to improve the health of the Asian Pacific Islander community and others. For more information, check the ICHS Foundation Website at www.ichsfoundation.org

June 2009

June 21 (Sunday) @ ~3pm - Juneteenth Celebration

    Y'Chessa Dahli will perform at the annual Juneteenth Celebration at Pratt Park (Central District) in Seattle, WA. For information on the celebration, please go to www.scacc2108.org.

June 28 (Sunday) @ ~2pm - Bellevue Strawberry Festival

    Y'Chessa Dahli will perform at the annual Eastside Heritage Center's Strawberry Festival in Bellevue, WA. For information on the festival, please go to www.bellevuestrawberryfestival.org.

July 2009

July 18-19 (Saturday-Sunday) - Mediterranean Fantasy Festival

    July 18 and 19th - Y'Chessa Dahli and individual troupe members will perform at the largest outdoor Middle Eastern Dance festival in the Pacific NW, the Mediterrean Fantasy Festival (MedFest) sponsered by the Babylonian Ensemble. Two days of dancing on 2 stages!

  • Y'Chessa Dahli will perform on the outside stage on Sunday, July 19
  • Please go to http://www.babylonianensemble.com/ for the complete lineup and driving directions to the site.

August 2009

None - to date.

September 2009

None - to date.

October 2009

October 5th (Monday) - Pyramid Lounge

    The monthly event, Pyramid Lounge will feature Renee Drellishak and selected members of inFusion Tribal. Phaedra Nicholle, BreAnn, Bastet and more NW dancers will perform prior to Renee. Show starts at 8pm at High Dive in Fremont. Address is 513 N 36th, Seattle or go to www.pyramidlounge.com for more info. Event is 21+

October 10th (Saturday) - SpiceBox Theater

    SpiceBox Theater presents "For the People" El Centro de la Raza Fundraiser, featuring tribal, bollywood and egyptian cabaret style dances. Y'Chessa Dahli, Medea, Taj from Chicago and more are performing. Event is at Heaven Nightclub, 172 S Washington. Doors open at 6:30pm Show starts a 7pm sharp. Cover is $15 + can of food at the door. Event is 21+. www.spiceboxtheater.com for more information.

October 16th (Friday) 7-10pm - Costas Opa in Fremont

    Asiya is hosting a show at Costas Opa in Fremont, featuring performances by Phaedra Nicholle, Rebecca, Bastet and more. Live music by Saltana Band. $10 cover, all ages. Show is from 7-10pm. www.costasopa.com

November 2009

November 7th (Saturday) - Saqra's Monthly Revue at Jimmy T's

    Monthly event, Saqra's Monthly Revue, held at Jimmy T's (formerly The Moonraker) featuring many NW dancers, including Phaedra Nicholle, Sana Olwi, Zeeta, Alimah and more! November will feature live music by The Saltana Band. Show starts at 6:30pm. Event is 21+. www.saqra.net for more information.

November 21st (Saturday) - The Seven Dancing Sultanas at

    Constance Denson Hamilton and Y'Chessa Dahli present The Seven Dancing Sultanas at the IKEA Performing Arts Center in Renton WA. For more information see the Events page .

December 2009

None - to date.

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