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Check out the dates in which Y'Chessa Dahli, individual members of the troupe and/or Nabeela El Shalimar are performing:

January 2008

None - to date.

February 2008

February 17 (Sunday) Festival Sundiata (Seattle Center)

    Y'Chessa Dahli will perform at the annual Festival Sundiata African American Celebration. This year, the festival dates are Feb 16-18, 2008 and we'll perform at 3:30 in the Fisher Pavilion. For other activies for this festival, please go to http://www.festivalsundiata.org/.

March 2008

March 8 (Saturday) "Mistress of the Storm" Show

    Saqra presents Naheda from Germany, "Mistress of the Storm" for workshops and evening show. The show will be at the Renton IKEA Perfoming Arts Center and will feature performances by Zaina Hart, Hasani, Y'Chessa Dahli, and other local artists. Go to www.saqra.net for more details

April 2008


May 2008

May 3, 2008 (Saturday) @ 6pm

    Phaedra Nicholle will join other NW dancers at the monthly event, Moonrakers in Kent WA, hosted by Saqra. This event is held the 1st Saturday of each month, from 6-9pm and features live music! Go to www.saqra.net for more information, including directions to the site.

May 10 (Saturday) @ 5:30pm - ICHS Annual Celebration benefit the Uncle Bob Health Fund

    YChessa Dahli is providing ambiance for the International Communicty Health Services (ICHS) Annual Celebration benefit the Uncle Bob Health Fund held on Saturday 5:30pm at the Sheridan). ICHS is a benefit held each year, which supports culturally and linguistically appropriate health services to improve the health of the Asian Pacific Islander community and others.

May 17, 2008 (Saturday) @ Powers in Yakima

    Jaree Dahia and Phaedra Nicholle are attending and performing at the annual Powers of Bellydance Conference in Yakima WA.

June 2008

June 26 (Thursday) @ Waids 7:30pm

    Phaedra Nicholle and other NW dancers will perform at Waids Haitian Cuisine & Lounge for their monthly show Jewels of Egypt: Dances from Afar on June 26th. The show is 7:30-9:30 and in June will feature Elisa Gamal.

June 29 (Sunday) @ 11:30am - Bellevue Strawberry Festival

    Y'Chessa Dahli will perform at the annual Eastside Heritage Center's Strawberry Festival in Bellevue, WA. Our performance time is 11:30 - 11:50am. For information on the festival, please go to www.bellevuestrawberryfestival.org.

July 2008

July 19-20 (Saturday-Sunday) - Mediterranean Fantasy Festival

    July 19 and 20th - Y'Chessa Dahli and individual troupe members will perform at the largest outdoor Middle Eastern Dance festival in the Pacific NW, the Mediterrean Fantasy Festival (MedFest) sponsered by the Babylonian Ensemble. Two days of dancing on 2 stages!

  • Nabeela el Shalimar will perform on the outside stage at 5:24pm Saturday, July 19th
  • Y'Chessa Dahli will perform on the outside stage at 1:20pm Sunday, July 20th
  • Zena will perform with Zaphara's Middle Eastern Dance on the outside stage at 2:04pm Sunday, July 20th
  • Constance will perform as a soloist on the outside stage at 4:04pm Sunday, July 20th
  • Katrina will perform as a soloist on the outside stage at 5:08pm Sunday, July 20th
  • Please go to http://www.babylonianensemble.com/ for the complete lineup and driving directions to the site.

August 2008

August 2, 2008 (Saturday) @ Moonraker (Kent)

    Phaedra Nicholle will perform with other NW dancers (including Zeeta, Zorina, Melillah and Saqra) at Ad-Lib (formerly Moonraker). This event is the 1st Saturday of each month and features different dancers each month. The address is 23803 104th Avenue SE, Kent. More information can be found at www.saqra.net.

August 16 (Saturday) @ 1st Hula Hafla

    Phaedra Nicholle and other NW dancers are participating in the 1st Hula Hafla sponsered by Ottoman Trading Company and featuring Alexandra. The performances are from 1:30 - 5:00pm and will have an hour dedicated for Hawaiian dancing. The Ottoman Trading Company is located in the Country Village Shops in Bothell (826 237th Street SE, Bothell) or find more information at www.ottomantradingco.innuitydirect.com for more info.

August 28 (Saturday) @ Waid's Haitian Cuisine

    Multi award winner Constance will perform at Waid's Haitian Cuisine for the monthly show Jewels of Egypt: Dances from Afar sponsered by Mellilah and Caliana. In addition to Constance, Egyptian Cellist Virtuoso Ashraf Hakim, Modern Belly Dance Troupe Aegea and the multi-award winner Nadira are featured. This monthly show is from 8:00 - 10:00pm and has a $5.00 cover charge. For more info, please go to www.mellilah.com/jewelsofegypt.html or www.waidsplace.com

September 2008

September 27, 2008 (Saturday) @ Electric Oasis

    Halima and Mezdulene present "Electric Oasis" featuring Leslie Rosen from Raqs Serpentine and Sahara from Bend, OR in workshops and evening show. Y'Chessa Dahli, with other NW favorites will perform in the evening show. The event will be held at the King Oscar Hotel and Convention. Doors open at 6:30pm and showtime is 7:00pm. Tickets are $10. Please go to www.koscar.net for directions.

October 2008

None - to date.

November 2008

November 1, 2008 @ Ad-Lib (formerly Moonraker)

    Phaedra Nicholle to perform with other NW dancers at the Ad-Lib (formerly Moonraker) in Kent from 6:30 to 9pm. Location is 23803 104th Ave SE, Kent. Please go to www.saqra.net for more information and the complete dancer line-up.

November 8, 2008 @ Hasani's Hafla (Tacoma)

    Hasani's Hafla featuring Razia. Jaree Dahia to perform with many other NW dancers. The hafla is held at Wells Hall (310 N K Street, Tacoma) from 6-10pm. Jaree Dahia performance is at 7:05. Please go to www.hasani.net for more information, directions and the complete dancer line-up.
November 22, 2008 @ 7 Dancing Sultanas November 28, 2008 @ Dance Academy of Bellevue
    Phaedra Nicholle, with other NW dancers will perform at the monthly event Layali Banat, which means Girls' Night in Arabic. This event, sponsered by Zulaika, is an evening of hospitality, entertainment and festivity reminiscent of a Middle Easterns womens party. Layali Banat is held at the Dance Academy of Bellevue, 626 120th Avenue NE, Bellevue WA from 8-10pm .

December 2008

None - to date.

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