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Check out the dates in which Y'Chessa Dahli, individual members of the troupe and/or Nabeela El Shalimar are performing:

January 2007

None - to date.

February 2007

February 3 (Saturday) Moonraker in Kent, WA

    Phaedra Nicholle, along with many NW dancers will perform at Moonraker in Kent, WA. See www.saqra.net for more information

February 10 (Saturday) Hasani's Hafla in Tacoma, WA

    Jaree Dahia and Phaedra Nicholle, along with many NW dancers will perform at Hasani's Hafla in Tacoma, WA. The hafla will feature Alimah. See www.hasani.net for more information.

February 10 (Saturday) 4-7pm in the Tri Cities, WA - 9th Annual Hafla & Student Performance

February 17 (Saturday) 5-7pm YMCA Benefit @ University Heights Community Center

February 18 (Sunday) 3-4pm Festival Sundiata @ Seattle Center (Round House main stage)

    Y’Chessa Dahli Troupe performance including individual performances (Phaedra Nicholle, Katrina, Zena, Constance, & Jaree Dahia). see http://www.festivalsundiata.org/ for more information.

March 2007

March 3-4 (Saturday & Sunday) Emerald Rain Belly Dance Competition

    Phaedra Nicholle is dancing as a festival dancer.

March 16-18 (Friday-Sunday) Rakkasah West, Richmond, CA

    Y'Chessa Dahli will perform at the annual Rakkasah West festival at 4pm on the main stage, March 17 (Saturday). This is the largest bellydance festival in the world and features many dancers from all over the globe. See www.rakkasah.com for more information

March 24 (Saturday) "An Evening at the Oasis" Show Olympia, WA

    Presented by Candlelighters and MAS UDA Middle Eastern Dancers and co-sponsered by Saqra. Saqra and Kashani are sponsering Naheda of Germany and Hadia of Montreal in workshops and an evening show. The evening show will have include many local dancers including Y'Chessa Dahli. The workshops and show will be held at the Evergreen State College. Please see www.saqra.net for more information."

April 2007

April 28 (Saturday) @ 7:30pm and April 29 (Sunday) @ 3pm - A Night of Belly Dance in Poulsbo

    Y'Chessa Dahli is performing at the 6th annual "A Night of Belly Dance" production in Kitsap County held at the NK Auditorium 1881 Hostmark st. Poulsbo (across from the NK High school). This year our theme is "Rockin' the Oasis". Please see www.thedancewithin.com for more information.

May 2007

May 12 (Saturday) – Hasani Hafla

May 26 (Saturday) @ 5:30pm - ICHS Annual Celebration benefit the Uncle Bob Health Fund
    Y’Chessa Dahli is providing ambiance for the International Communicty Health Services (ICHS) Annual Celebration benefit the Uncle Bob Health Fund held on Saturday (May 19) 5:30pm at the Grand Hyatt (721 Pine Street, Seattle, WA 98101). ICHS is a benefit held each year, which supports culturally and linguistically appropriate health services to improve the health of the Asian Pacific Islander community and others.

June 2007

June 2 (Sunday) - Moonrakers in Kent, WA

    Phaedra Nicholle, along with other NW dancers, Diana, Mellilah, BreAnn, Susanna, Jaleh and others will perform at Moonrakers in Kent, WA. Performances begin at 6:30. Please go to ww.saqra.net for more information.
June 23 (Saturday) - Jim Boz Show
    Y'Chessa Dahli is performing at the Jim Boz Show Saturday evening in a dance showcase with many dancers from the Northwest at Federal Way's Knutzen Family Theatre, Dumas Bay, WA. 3200 SW Dash Point Rd. Please see http://jimboz.com/ for more information.
June 24 (Sunday) @ 11:30am - Bellevue Strawberry Festival

July 2007

July 5 (Wednesday) Kolbeh

    Y’Chessa Dahli Troupe will performing at Kolbeh.
July 21-22 (Saturday-Sunday) - Mediterranean Fantasy Festival
    Y'Chessa Dahli Troupe (and as individuals) is performing and will have a booth at the Mediterranean Fantasy Festival at Hiawatha Community Center, West Seattle. For information on the festival, please go to http://www.babylonianensemble.com/

August 2007

August 5 (Sunday)

August 11 (Saturday)

    Phaedra Nicholle performs at Hasani's Hafla in Tacoma at Wells Hall. For more information, go to www.hasani.net

September 2007

None - to date.

October 2007

None - to date.

November 2007

November 3 at 7pm (Saturday) and November 4 (Sunday) at 3pm The Seven Dancing Sultanas, Y'Chessa Dahli Middle Eastern Dance Ensemble production, will be shown at the Renton Ikea Performing Arts Center (400 South Second Street, Renton). This is a benefit show for UJIMA Community Services. Tickets available at the BrownPaperTickets.com.

December 2007

None - to date.

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