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Check out the dates in which Y'Chessa Dahli, individual members of the troupe and/or Nabeela El Shalimar are performing:

January 2012

No activities.

February 2012

NA - Festival Sundiata (Seattle Center)

Feb 11 (Saturday) 6:00-10pm @ Hasani's Hafla - Number 70 [Pilgrim Hall at FCC, Tacoma, WA]

    Y'Chessa Dahli is performing at Hasani's Hafla who is featuring Elisa Gamal.

March 2012

Mar 16-18 @ 32nd Annual Rakkasah-West (Richmond, CA)

    Is the West coast and International Belly Dance festival, which has workshops, vending, and shows. And is attended by many dancers around the world. Y'Chessa is performing on Saturday (March 17 at 3pm on the main stage).

    Go to www.rakkasah.com for more information, including a complete list of dancers for this 3 day festival.

April 2012

None to date.

May 2012

TBD - Events in work.

June 2012

June 23-24 (Saturady-Sunday) @ Bellevue Strawberry Festival

    Y'Chessa Dahli will perform (on Sunday June 14 ~2pm at the main stage area) at the annual Eastside Heritage Center's Strawberry Festival in Bellevue, WA (at Crossroads Park). For information on the festival, please go to www.bellevuestrawberryfestival.org.

July 2012

July 21-22 (Saturday-Sunday) - Mediterranean Fantasy Festival

    Y'Chessa Dahli and individual troupe members will perform at the largest outdoor Middle Eastern Dance festival in the Pacific NW, the Mediterrean Fantasy Festival (MedFest) sponsered by the Babylonian Ensemble. Two days of dancing on 2 stages!

    Please go to http://www.babylonianensemble.com/ for the complete lineup and driving directions to the site.

August 2012

TBD - events in work

September 2012

TBD - events in work

October 2012

TBD - events in work

November 2012

None - to date.

December 2012

None - to date.

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