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In 2001, Jaree Dahia, Phaedra Nicholle, Constance & Zena attended Rakkasah-West (which is a week long Belly Dance Festival/Conference) in Richmond California. While there, they saw a woman who wore a sign saying that she was a member of the first all-Black belly dance troupe to perform at Rakkasah. The thought of having an all-Black troupe of their own stuck in their minds and when they returned, they contacted all the experienced dancers in their area.

The Y'Chessa Dahli Troupe (pronounced yuh'chessa dolly) was formed in 2001 with a group of dancers who had a common interest and goal to perform creative, colorful, fun, technically correct routines for your viewing pleasure. Y'Chessa Dahli loosely translated is "hips a smokin". This Seattle based troupe is comprised of women who have studied under Nabeela El Shalimar. Each dancer has their own style. They work hard to blend these styles to create interesting choreographies to delight their audience.

In 2002, the troupe returned to Richmond and danced at Rakkasah-West. Y'Chessa Dahli Troupe hosts and performs at several events each year. Some of the events hosted/sponsored by the troupe include: North-End Hafla and Dancers Supporting Dancers (DSD). The troupe also performs in the area in Bellydance festivals such as Med-Fest in Seattle, Hasani's Hafla in Gig Harbor and participating in the Powers Conference in Yakima. Y'Chessa Dahli has also been invited to various festivals in the Pacific Northwest such as Festival Sundiata (2003 & 2004), the Eastlake Shake Festival (2003) & The Kent Heritage Festival (2004). Individual members also dance as a group and/or in solo performances in venues like the Riviera Lounge in Tukwila, The Triple Door in Seattle and the Pyramid Lounge in Seattle. The rest is history....in the making.

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